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Is there such a thing called horoscope sins?

Is there such a thing called horoscope sinsEvery living entity in this material word has committed some kind of sinful acts. These sinful activities can either be as small as a lie or as big as murdering someone.  Our sins directly influence our horoscope and leave an impact in our day to day lives. These sins are referred to as dosha in astrology. There are many different types of doshas like sarpa dosha, kala dosha, shani dosha, guru dosha etc. The dosha is known to bring bad fortune and ill luck in the lives of people. These doshas can be identified by studying your birth chart and analysing the influence that it may have on you. Our expert astrologers suggest appropriate solutions to overcome these different kinds of sins committed in the past or present. Once you imply these remedies to neutralize the effect of the sins then leading life becomes much easier and simpler.

Our professional astrologers, just by knowing your date and time of birth can help you rectify these sins from your horoscope. There is a vivid description of this in Telugu Jatakam by date of birth. The measures offered by us are not much complicated and can be followed by anyone. We provide you with information such as things that are suitable for you according to your Rashi, things to be avoided and about your future.  This service is provided by us free of charge and is available for everyone.

We help you to know about your lucky gemstones based on your Jatakam by date of birth. According to Telugu Jatakam by date of birth sapphire is considered to be lucky for Leos, white pearl is considered lucky for Aquarians, ruby for Geminis, emerald for Pisces, diamond for Virgos and blue sapphire for Taurus. This may also vary from individual to individual based on the position of the grahas in different houses. When the guru is situated in the first house instead of third or seventh house, it is considered to be guru dosha. Likewise due to the positioning of mangal graha in the wrong house, a person has mangal dosha in his kundali. This improper positioning of grahas in your kundali can be corrected by wearing you’re lucky stone by birth date. These gemstones are available in various forms and sizes. You can choose the shape and size according to your likings. It can be worn in the form of a pendant, ring, finger ring, bracelet etc.

Free astrology by date of birth in Telugu is considered to be a great boon as it has immense power to eradicate the effects of our sinful deeds and karma. We have been consistently receiving positive feedback from people and this forms an impetus for us to encourage more and more people to adopt this Vedic science in their lives. Our helpline is available twenty four hours a day and you may feel free to contact us at anytime of the day. We also help you to understand various aspects of your life and how to deal with each one of them. One is guaranteed to see happiness, peace and prosperity in his life if he carefully follows the instructions suggested by us. Astrology certainly brings a plethora of difference and helps you change your life for good.

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GemstoneIs there such a thing called horoscope sins?

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